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Pause, for yourself and the planet!

This World Environment Day got me thinking. 

Most of the comparatively unsustainable choices I’ve ever made have been triggered by fast living. Where I wanted things instantly, because of the daily hustle bustle.

Social media I feel is a big part of fast living. I’m sure like me, many of you must be struggling with screen time.

I mean we all know the digital world is addictive, and tap after tap we end up spending hours consuming information.

I’ve been consciously trying to get back to slow living now. I have started allocating time for my online interaction and every moment I feel like picking my phone for random scrolling, I stop.

Instead, I pick a book or cook something. I meditate or go out for a walk.

This one day I literally paused and decided to take a day off. 

I switched off my phone, draped my favourite saree,  

ditched heels for the ultimate comfort and opened the gateway to a slow morning!

I headed to a serene park and just explored. Have you ever felt the texture of leaves, it’s a calming feeling!

I sat in the park and spent time with myself. Random strolling replaced random scrolling, thoughtful sketching took over mindless tapping.

Amidst the vast field of inspiration, I sat quietly and poured my heart out.

I was absorbed. Taking it all in! 

When I was indoors, and the lockdown had increased my screen time, I tried to pick a hobby like crochet designing. It’s really difficult in the beginning to consciously reduce your online time, but it gets much better with time.

Until I forced myself to divert my mind to other activities, I was constantly in a loop where I would feel sad about the digital world taking over me.

I realised I was just trying to fill every moment with some content. When I’m cooking, I don’t need to run any sitcoms in the background. When I’m reading, I don’t need to have just one glance on my phone for a few seconds. Now, I am making an effort to not fill every second in between tasks with my phone.


Vishakha Sharma:

I just wanted to say that you’re incredible and I’m so glad that people like you still exist in today’s fast-paced world. I am so inspired by you and your work. I really love alllll of your sarees and will definitely purchase one when I’ll get my first salary ;) At last, I would like to say that just keep doing your magic ad I wish you all the very best for your endeavour…

Peace and Love!

Feb 01, 2022

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