Our founders, Tanya Singh and Soumya Singh have grown in the lap of the holy city of Banaras. They carry with them the legacy of rich Banarasi culture, customs, and tradition, bestowed upon them by their parents, grandparents and forefathers. They belong to a family rooted in this ancient city for centuries. So, it's only right that their naani (grandmother) was the inspiration behind Kosataga. She has passed her wisdom, knowledge, and stories to them and ignited the inspiration to form Kosataga—a place where the timeless elegance of handcrafted sarees breaks the clutter of short-lived trends.

The two sisters, Tanya Singh and Soumya Singh never started Kosataga with an entrepreneurial venture in mind. During her college days, Tanya was fascinated by the old pictures of her naani maa in Banarasi sarees. Both the sisters recreated their naani's pictures using the same sarees and this is how Kosataga was born on Instagram.

The transition point came when a brand approached them for collaboration. This is when Kosataga shifted from being a personal venture to a small business. Then in November 2018, their naani maa suggested turning Kosataga into a venture. They had butterflies in their stomach at the thought of running their own business but decided to take the plunge.

Tanya was working as a graphic designer in a well-established firm and in March 2019, she quit her job to work for Kosataga full-time. Just like Tanya, the younger sibling Soumya also decided to fully commit herself to Kosataga after completing her studies. It is an entirely home-run business and their team consists of two sisters, Tanya Singh and Soumya Singh became each other's strength.