Why Kosataga?

When we say authentic Banarasi weaves, we really mean it.

At Kosataga, a handcrafted Banarasi Silhouette is not just a piece of clothing, it’s an emotion. An emotion that carries with itself the vibrancy of Banaras, the purity of river ganga, the elegance of ghats, the royalness of its temples and the magnificence of the pious ganga aarti. 

Each and every fabric is carefully handcrafted and brings with it the cultural heritage of the indigenous artisans of Banaras. The craftsmanship of our artisans embodies generations of expertise and their art truly depicts the folklore of this city by the ghats.

Our founders, Tanya Singh and Soumya Singh have grown in the lap of the holy city of Banaras. They carry with them the legacy of rich Banarasi culture, customs and tradition, bestowed upon them by their parents, grand-parents and forefathers. They belong to a family rooted in this ancient city for centuries.

Our silhouettes are not just yards of fabric; they are a cultural capital that can be passed on for generations and their timeless elegance breaks the clutter of short-lived trends.

The Kosataga Story

Wondering what is Kosataga? Let’s break it down for you. 

Kosataga is derived from India’s rich history of handloom and its origins can be traced back to the Vedas.

The word Kosa, finds its roots in the word Kausheya, a Sanskrit word that translates to Silk, whereas Taga means thread, the very foundation of fabrics and silhouettes, the most basic unit— from where it all starts. 

According to Shatpatha Brahmana, women of the house wore “kaushawasa” (silk clothes) during celebrations and rituals of immense importance. Even the Vayu Purana categorises Kuasheya as a special fabric, one that is most suitable for gifts and donations. 

In the famous epic Mahabharata, one can find references which establish that kausheya is actually a changed form of the word kosha which means cocoon. 

And this is where the production process of Banarasi Silk silhouettes and fabrics begins at Kosataga— from the cocoon. The rearing of silkworms is done on green leaves and their breeding results in cocoons from where the rich silk fibres are obtained. 

Humble Beginnings 

The two sisters, Tanya Singh and Soumya Singh never started Kosataga with an entrepreneurial venture in mind.

During her college days, Tanya was fascinated by the old pictures of her nani maa (grandmother) in Banarasi sarees. Both the sisters recreated their nani’s pictures using the same sarees and this is how Kosataga was born on Instagram.

An effort to revive Indian fabrics and silhouettes 

The millennials see a saree as a fabric meant for weddings, festivals or maybe cocktail parties. The two sisters wanted to change this perception. They have always felt extremely comfortable and in fact a tad bit more confident in a saree.

Sarees are timeless and can be styled to give a traditional yet modern look. From light weight tissue silk to the heavily embellished Banarasi Silk sarees, there is a fabric for every weather and occasion.

Most people have a hard time deciding the right fabric. That’s when the two sisters started posting details about the fabric and the right time of the year to wear them. And slowly people started consulting them for styling tips!

From hobby to business 

The transition point came when a brand approached them for collaboration. This is when Kosataga shifted from being just a hobby to a small business.

Then in November 2018, their nani maa suggested turning Kosataga into a venture. They had butterflies in their stomach at the thought of running their own business, but decided to take the plunge.

Sustainable Fashion 

With fast fashion and synthetic fabrics becoming the new trend, Tanya and Soumya wanted to do their bit to save the environment. That is why they decided to only work with fibers that are 100% sustainable and organic. Kosataga stands for fashion that is evergreen and long lasting.

The Singh Sisters 

Tanya was working as a graphic designer in a well-established firm and in March 2019, she quit her job to work for Kosataga full time. Just like Tanya, the younger sibling Soumya also decided to fully commit herself to Kosataga after completing her studies. It is an entirely home run business and their team consists of the two sisters, Tanya Singh and Soumya Singh, their mother and grandmother.

Kosataga has been able to grow into a business from just being an Instagram page because the two sisters, Tanya Singh and Soumya Singh became each other's strength.